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Even more, Nanaya empowers you to take control of your future, giving personalized advice on how to make decisions and build relationships based on the life you want. Nanaya is a personality test to scientifically predict the future of your love life and report personalized data to help you build romantic and social ties. Nanaya predicts the chances of finding love, what you can do to improve it, and much more with a short, user-adaptive questionnaire and personality test. Then, the gathered data is put into our unique algorithm, which uses science to forecast your future —— and help you perfect it. Our science-based system sorts you into one of 16 distinct types based on the following four dimensions and their traits:. Once you uncover which of the 16 unique romantic personality types you identify with, Nanaya provides a holistic description including relationship advice and in-depth details about your tendencies. Knowing your romantic personality, Nanaya is able to predict your future based on the average outcomes of your personality peers. ASFW types are full of creative energy and expressiveness. They aren’t afraid to try new things and make decisions with confidence and intent.

This is why loneliness and dating apps are such a bad match

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, far more time than just about every other activity short of breathing. In relationships, sharing a bed with a partner can be a source of intimacy with pillow talk, cuddling, and sex being an important part of our lives. A lot of the aspects of our identity we studied have to do with the things we do in our day-to-day lives or the environments we surround ourselves with.

Starting a dating site is a lot of work. If you do it, you better hope there will be enough users that want to use the service you provide.

Nanaya looks at the couple and everything that romantically affects their lives. Dating apps all function with a similar conceit; if you just fill out.

By Unity Blott For Mailonline. It’s a dilemma that many young couples will relate to – whether to stay in their relationship, settle down, or keep their options open by playing the field. And now a new personality test claims to have found the answer, in the form of a complicated algorithm based on science, data, and a very detailed questionnaire. Scroll down for video.

Nanayo requires you to fill in a complicated questionnaire, to determine what your future love life will look like. Although the pair eventually went their separate ways, Rashied insists that his method can predict your chances of finding your soulmate, when you should settle down, and even how happy you will be in a future relationship. The findings are based on a variety of factors, from your values, future goals and deal-breakers in a relationship, to your personal experiences of being single.

It also compares your responses to data from the 22, other users who have apparently already filled in the questionnaire, to make the results as accurate as possible. Rashied says the site is aimed at people in their 20s or 30s who are wondering whether they’d be happier being single or committing to a long-term relationship.

Republicans blue on Valentine’s Day? Conservatives have tougher luck with love, study says

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By Aviva Rutkin. At the time, the engineer laughed off the idea. With Nanaya, he wants to help people find success in their personal lives. Amini is far from the first to tot up the pros and cons in search of insight into romance. Before Charles Darwin proposed to Emma Wedgwood in , he wrote his own cost-benefit analysis on the back of an old letter. In the decades since, many have attempted to distil the messy reality of life and romance into clean formulae, from dating site OkCupid , which mines the data of its millions of users for telltale patterns, to a mathematical model from the University of Washington that can predict whether a couple will get divorced.

For Nanaya to assess your likelihood of finding a good match, you fill out a detailed questionnaire. Another set of questions then identifies how likely you are to meet new people in your daily life. The results are fed into a simulation that randomly mixes traits across a population of potential matches, so that each member of the population is like a roll of the dice.

Nanaya spits out scores that measure your selectivity, how much your social network could grow with a given mate, your overall romantic opportunity, and a graph of your prospects over the next few years. Those who are already in a relationship will also be asked a set of questions that scores them on their compatibility and happiness with their partner. He asked them detailed questions about their love lives and ran their data. In some ways, he says, a human life turned out to be more difficult to tackle than a space project.

uses an algorithm to predict when you will find The One

However, Rashied Amini believes the study of relationships starts with the person in the mirror. That is why he is collecting information on his site, Nanaya. Amini believes an algorithm can bring a little more certainty to your search for “the one”. An app is in development.

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Nanaya is a personality test to scientifically predict the future of your love life and report personalized data to help you build romantic and social ties. Nanaya predicts the chances of finding love, what you can do to improve it, and much more with a short, user-adaptive questionnaire and personality test. Then, the gathered data is put into our unique algorithm, which uses science to forecast your future —— and help you perfect it.

Version 1. Keeps crashing when you want to enter certain information like ethnicity. Absolutely terrible. Who coded this?! Requires iOS

A Rocket Scientist’s Love Algorithm Adds Up During Covid-19

As I sat down to write this, I overheard two colleagues in the break room discussing the trials of modern dating. Thanks to websites like eHarmony and Match. These days, however, I too count myself among the millions of online daters, and it was here in this crowded, noisy digital space where I met my first boyfriend. Online dating is far simpler and dare I say, cooler than it was in the mid to late s. As opposed to the first websites with their exhaustive questionnaires and profiles to complete, mobile apps like Tinder and Hinge allow users to check out potential matches moments after signing up for the service — an immediacy that appeals to their large millennial base.

But however varied, every one of these platforms — at least to some extent — relies on a series of algorithms to bring strangers together, and it is not just dating sites running on formulas.

Dating is exhausting. Anybody feel me? It’s available in a web or app version, and the Future Prediction test costs $ to use. The Nanaya.

Your political preferences might be affecting your ability to find love. Especially if you are conservative. He determined politics play a role in romantic probability based on research from an app he created in The app, called Nanaya, was designed to find a scientific formula for love and compatibility. It just shows that people who do support feminism tend to have slightly better outcomes.

The users who are likely to stay single the longest are against extending welfare, against universal healthcare, for protecting the border, and against easier immigration, according to the study. Instead, the romantic personality assessment should serve more as a reflection for users to evaluate themselves. WATCH : political terminology showing up more in dating profiles.

Amini studied results from over , Nanaya users to determine which characteristics lead to higher or lower probabilities of finding love. The study shows that people who are independent and not looking for a relationship are more likely to find love sooner than dependent people who are actively seeking a relationship. A summary of the study was released Thursday, and specific findings will be released weekly for the next two months.

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Here’s What Happened When I Asked an Algorithm to Help Me Find Love

Nanaya, a premium matcha powdered green tea company based out of Shizuoka, has brought their ultra-popular matcha gelato to Tokyo! It later became well-known for their matcha-based sweets , particularly their matcha-gelato. However, it was only in that the company opened its first Tokyo shop.

You can check out Nanaya, the love forecasting app Rashied Mashable came up with 10 of the best dating sites for meeting people IRL.

In , Rashied Amini was just another engineer in love. Unfortunately, his girlfriend had not come to the same conclusion. The numbers did not add up the same way for her. I bet I could build this. Thus Nanaya, a love prediction algorithm , was born. It was conjured in the hopes that love would listen to numbers. Amini started off with the basics, working part time on what would become a full-fledged dating-app startup.

His work as a rocket scientist gave him a framework. Romance, he figured, simply presented a different set of uncertainties.

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While dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble were developed to help people find each other, researchers from Ohio State University have found that singles suffering from loneliness and social anxiety are more likely to start compulsively using such apps. Coduto found that students who fit the profile of being socially anxious preferred meeting and talking to potential love interests online rather than in person.

Related: Dr. Ruth says smartphones have ruined dating. And millennials ages 18 to 30 in this case spend 20 hours a week on dating apps, according to dating service Badoo. Related: The best online dating apps.

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It’s a question everyone has wondered at some point, but it’s a question that quite surprisingly no one has answered. The answers we found aren’t just about how long people stay single but also why,” said Rashied Amini , Ph. Using in-app data collected from about 50, users worldwide Nanaya’s team sets out to answer the big, unanswered questions about love, relationships, romance, sex and marriage.

Although not their first study, this is the company’s most detailed study to date. Not only answering “How long do people stay single? Results are based on Nanaya’s users, which includes people worldwide who are single, in relationships, and married. This dataset is based on only Nanaya users — thus people who are interested in Nanaya’s ability to predict their future and offer personal insight — and not random sampling. Immediately after a breakup, the average person will:. While rebound times will vary based on the individual and their circumstances, there is a very strong relationship between who they are and their outcomes.

The aspects of identity that most strongly impact rebound time are age and personality. What’s really remarkable is how much of a role our personalities play compared to our actions, beliefs, and environments. Also, where our personalities and desires conflict, personality wins more often,” said Amini. According to the study, people who are younger, self-certain, lighthearted, empathetic, and with a greater need for instant gratification will end up in relationships fastest after a breakup.

Of personality traits, those associated with empathy, determination, sociability, and impulsiveness have the strongest impact.

How Long Will You Be Stuck In “Singledom?” Here’s What You Need To Know As You Rebound

Dating is exhausting. Anybody feel me? So, when I heard this strategy might actually be a realistic solution, you better believe I was all ears. Created by a real-life rocket scientist, Dr.

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Look, everyone is obsessed with personality tests and for good reason. They’re similar to horoscopes and astrology , in that they not only give people something to believe in about themselves, but provide a glimpse of why others act the way they do, too. Kind of cool, right? Okay, if you and your S. It divides you into one of nine “types” or categories with ultra-specific results tailored to you. Pro Tip: If you’re single, your “type” would be a good thing to add to your Tinder bio.

This beautifully designed Myers-Briggs test not only reveals your personality in detail, but will help you see how similar or different you and your partner are. It also helps that all the outcomes are put into four different groups , so you can humble brag if you both land in the same one.


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